Ray Donovan season 7 episode 3

This week’s episode starts on a sombre note. Mick’s back from the dead and recovering from the explosion he was in and the punch Ray gave him when he saw him standing in the doorway. Ray’s trying to pin the blame now on Mick for the cop murders in last season and get him out of the picture as swiftly as possible. We’ve seen this before, so Best of luck with that Ray. Mickey tags along with Ray to plant evidence that will implicate Mickey in the murders, make him the main suspect and take away the suspicion from Ray and his family. With Mickey being officially deceased that should wrap things up nicely. Of course Mickey doesn’t want to go and he’s trying to Tell Ray how he escaped and got away with his life but Ray doesn’t give a shit. Can’t blame him to be honest Mickey is a great character and integral part of the show but goddamn what a piece of shit he is to his family. Always the problem Mickey Donovan.

Daryl is trying to make his alibi match up and stick with What Ray told the Detective on the case. Claudette is in town to see Daryl for Mickey’s funeral. She isn’t landed long when she discovers the truth about Mickey still being in the land of the living.

Mickey’s back

Ray’s getting it from all sides in this episode. In most episodes actually he’s always got his back to the wall. Ray’s barely over trying to grieve his thought to be dead father, discover he’s alive, set him up for the murders, maintain alibi’s and have a crisis of faith with the Sullivans and what he should do with the photograph he has that is sure to ruin the reputation of Kevin Sullivan. He’s caught in a compromising position to say the least. Molly Sullivan then reaches out to Ray’s humanity and reminds Ray that his sister was her babysitter, she gives him a photograph of the two of them and tell his sister Bridget said he was the best person she knew.

During Ray’s therapy session he doesn’t want to talk. He hasn’t anything to say except about his sister Bridget. You see him smile. A genuine smile when he fondly remembers something from his childhood. Ray and his sister reading books together about veterinarians in England. Ray Donovan is such a dark and intense show that these few and far between bright and beautiful moments always ring through and I felt the emotion and expressions on his face. Ray loved his sister, he named his daughter after her. Before his mother’s cancer and all of mickey’s shit Ray said he wanted to be a veteranarian. He wanted to help animals. Dr. Arthur simply replies or help people? It’s this moment Ray decides to give the photo to Molly but Ray’s always appeared to me as a boy who had to become a man at such a young age that his stoic and quiet nature comes down to what he went through and had to go through.

Ray Donovan is one of the finest characters put on the screen. Bunchy rings Ray after his failed attempt to get a raise after his shooting in the store he works in. Bunchy asks why Ray didn’t stand trial with him and face all those priests. So often I forget just all Ray and Bunch went through. Ray and Bunchy bring Mick to the airport and send him off to the Maldives but I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of Mick.

Bridget is still having an affair and becoming more and more like her father each episode

Where the FUCK in Conor Donovan!?! Dude get back to your family I mean your in the military and I get it but come on Conor.

Terry is gone to meet a shamen and hopefully get more alternative treatments to his parkinson’s disease. Now that his medication was thrown away here’s hoping Terry.

We knew Lena was ready to go last episode but when she said bye to Ray and got ready to leave it felt real. We might not see Lena again and she’s always been on of the most bad ass and smartest characters on the show. I wished Ray shook her hand or hugged her but classic Ray Donovan fashion he says or does nothing in the moment. Ray’s almost done with fixing everyone’s problems anyway.

The final shot of episode 3 shows Ray in his empty office and he’s looking at the picture of Bridget and Molly back in Boston. Camera pulls away and there’s just Ray.

Fuck I hope Ray gets a chance to be a veterinarian someday……

Forgotten Comedy Gems

Just a short list of some of the funniest and forgotten Comedy films ever made. Some of these films have gained a cult following or even large fan base but didn’t do so great on their initial release. Either way these comedies are some of my favourite films I’ve ever seen and are so endlessly quoteable

The Nice Guys is a hilarious 70’s set Detective tale told from an action / comedy stand point. The nice guys is an epic story with some of the funniest stories and situations I’ve seen in years. Endlessly rewatchable and wittier with each viewing

Macgruber is an over the top and bursting at the seams comedy with quotable lines and scenes that are so outrageous and hilarious. Definitely a must see by any fans of action movies and enjoy a genius take on the genre.

Mark Wahlberg & Will Ferrell are a Detective duo.

Yeah that’s enough to get me to watch it but the film has an amazing cast from Samuel L Jackson and The Rock to Michael Keaton , Steve Coogan and Eva Mendes. So over the top and insane this comedy is so clever and so quotable too it’s one of the funniest films of the last decade. “I’m a peacock captain you gotta let me fly“.

I mean Andy Samberg is a stuntman with a bicycle that has an engine strapped onto it. Enough said!

Shane Black is back on the list again this is the film he made before the nice guys. Kiss kiss bang bang is almost done like a blueprint for the nice guys. The buddy cop feel between Robert Downey Jr. And Val Kilmer is unbelievable. The fact that this or the nice guys hasn’t gotten a sequel is such a wasted opportunity for pure comedic gold.

What we do in the shadows is a documentary style film from Taika Waititi. The film follows the tale of vampires who are housemates and their struggle in living in the modern world. Such an epic and funny gem that doesn’t get enough praise.

Little bit of a guilty pleasure this one but Tucker and Dale vs. Evil is such a funny take on the college students being hunted by hillbillies with the roles being reversed. Such a clever film that’s packed full of laughs and a great use of a wood chipper that I’ll never forget

Another Andy Samberg film that’s so underrated. Popstar never stop never stopping is a documentary style film that follows conner4real played by Samberg and his insane celebrity lifestyle. Conner has to deal with so many problems and trappings of being one of the most famous artists in the world and Popstar is a hilarious film with barely a minute you aren’t laughing watching it

Knives Out Review

Directed by: Rian Johnson

Starring: Daniel Craig, Chris Evans, Michael Shannon, Jamie Lee Curtis, Toni Collette & Ana De Armas

The Story

In Rian Johnson’s star studded whodunit we get one of the most interesting and unusual of stories. The last of the Detective sleuths arrives at the home of a mystery novelist to investigate his death. In his attempts to unravel the truth he interviews the deceased family members. Over the course of the film and through red herrings and the families self serving lies and version’s of the truth he seeks to get to the bottom of this murder mystery.

My Thoughts *Spoilers *

I loved it. Really enjoyed the film and the entire cast was used very well. Right from the opening scene with the dogs moving slowly through the manner in the fog outside the manner it felt like one of those classical murder mystery films and I was so excited.

Christopher Plummer’s character of legendary mystery writer Harlan Thromby has died in an apparent suicide that has some unusual circumstances surrounding it. Enter Detective Benoit Blanc. Daniel Craig is great with the southern accent I mean it’s a bit goofy and I loved it. Benoit Blanc sits at the piano in the background during the interviews with all the family members. He’s observing the family and getting their vibe and the interviews are brilliant and really capture the characters personality and potential motives.

Ana De armas is great in this film too. She’s basically in every scene of the movie and so integral to the movie’s plot. How she pukes whenever she lies is such a murder mystery character trait that yeah it’s a little goofy too but it’s used so perfectly.

We get to see the potential motives and the death of Harlan. Was it an accident and who’s to blame is still up for debate until we get a great flask back to Chris evan’s character ransom. How he swapped out his grandfather’s medication to orchestrate his death. The twists and turns during the course of the movie are so cleverly thought through and it’s an enjoyable film that I can’t wait to revisit.

In the end all is revealed and the tables are turned with Ana De Armas character Marta being left the Thornby fortune. The ending was so satisfying just to see this rich and often insulting and at times pompous family being written out of the will that they so desperately saught.

I’m looking forward to rewatching the film and viewing it now knowing the ending and what to watch out for.

What to do on my day off

I’ve no fucking clue most days I’m off what to do. Between 12 and 24 hour shifts at work when I’m off I usually don’t want to do a thing. Then I feel guilty for not doing anything. Damned if ya do damned if ya don’t I guess. I was off yesterday and it was the usual. Slept in, didn’t hear my girlfriend leave for work at half 7 so I woke at about half 10. Reached for my phone and that has me for an hour easy. Maybe I go to the bathroom but I scroll Instagram for the usual shit, Facebook see what I’m tagged in, usually a meme or two nothing life changing. Check twitter, Snapchat, YouTube for some random conspiracy theory or movie related thing of some sort. Mr sunday movies is always exciting when I get that notification for a new video.

When it’s a slow day I check my LinkedIn account and go onto jobs.ie or Indeed see can I find a new job. It’s not been successful yet but what ya goanna do. Persistence or character building I guess one of them clichés anyway.

Okay it’s midday Ian time to get up. Okay half an hour because there’s some stuff on Netflix that won’t watch itself. Oh shit! The irishman is out today nice! I’ve watched it at the start of the month but fuck it certainly beats reruns of friends again that’s for sure. I move downstairs and the TV gets set up, my hotspots on, Netflix is going we have lift off. The couch takes me now, that’s my throne for the next 3 and a half hours. What a couch I might add its no shorter than 10ft in length and I love it. Perfect for watching TV or kick back and listen to some music and enjoy it on my own. That’s always nice. My own private concert yes yes sir I am in, thank you kindly get that speaker goin.

So the irishman starts and I am in. We got the De Niro the Pesci and the Pacino and oh you betcha Scorsese behind the camera, the best and most consistent goddamn director of all time. Fact. The hill I die on right there. Anyway I’m into the film, I wanna see Hoffa and Sheeran and Bufalino all entangled in their mafia Web of murder, deceit and friendship too. What’s not to love.

So I have a few coffees and a bag of wheelies. It’s the simple things really. Almost 4pm now excellent excellent Eva’s home soon she’ll have a plan. I’m tired now for some reason, that movie really took it out of me I guess. Eva’s home! She tells me all about her day and as per usual it’s been an eventful day and hell yeah I wanna hear it all because I didn’t even leave the house today. So she’s tired and I am too. We throw on some unsolved conspiracies on YouTube and think.


We’ll get a pizza

That’s what we need. So I get out the phone oh boi just eat here we come the usual we get a 16inch pizza some cajun chicken, donner meat, Jalapeños we’re feeling brave, some Peppers and onion too. Why not go wild big Wednesday night here. Yupp we’ll need drinks to wash down our tasty pizza so we’re gettin cokes, Fanta some 7up oh it’s all coming together now.

Get it at 6:30 in the evening, perfect time for dinner

Eat it


BOOM 9pm

What the fuck happened to the evening. Sleepy people and a large pizza and a warm house ohhh what a lethal combination that is right there.

More conspiracies and some music later alright it’s half 10 fuck it let’s go to bed.

Bed. Sleep. Wake up work home from work at 11pm bed and repeat.

I gotta start climbing mountains or skydiving in my spare time before I seize up and turn into some unrecognisable version of myself.

That being said what’s better that wasting a winters day at home eating good food and being carefree.

It’s important to spend time doing nothing I guess isn’t it. Goddamn that sounds good in my head right now. Let’s hope it isn’t too douchy on the page here. Anyways that was my Wednesday November 27th 2019. Pretty good all round despite my moaning.

The funkiest & catchiest song I’ve ever heard

Come and get your love by Redbone

This song is actually the best. It’s so much fun to listen to and sing along and trust me if your friends or family don’t know it just keep playing it for them it catches on and everyone sings it in the car with you. It’s pretty spectacular to be honest.

Now this song being released in 1973 and me being born in 1996 yeah I didn’t listen to it as a kid. But where did I hear it first you ask?

We’ll the usual place I find my music, from movies and television. Ah yes just as Martin Scorsese introduced me to the Rolling stones in his films and Californication brought me Warren Zevon I’ve got the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) to thank for this one. More specifically the guardians of the Galaxy!

I mean goddamn if Chris Pratt can’t dance and open a movie with this song playing. The drums introduces the song so perfectly and then there’s a little guitar and the simple yet endlessly addictive lyrics. So funky and very very 70’s this song I heard it at the start of the film and I knew the whole entire film was going to be better for it. I left the cinema and tried to find it right away I still remember to this day. We left the cinema in Donegal and I went to the room we were staying in about 10 of us and searched for that song. I needed it. I wanted it. I had to have it. And here we are 5 years later yeah I found the song that day, made it my ringtone and damn it if it hasn’t been the same song every time I get a call to this very day.

Even to this very day over 5 years later I still miss phone calls because I hear this song start and I think there’s no goddamn way on earth that I’m missing this song. Its super fun and catchy and I want more music like this. I’ve talked enough about it now so I’m going to link the song below for you to enjoy as much as I do.

My favorite 10 television shows

These may not necessarily be what everyone thinks to be the best list of shows ever but it’s a list of my favourite shows of all time. Rewatchability is a major factor in what I look for in a show. As well as interesting characters, comedy, creative and clever writing as well as memorable and loveable characters.

10 The US Office

The US Office ran from 2005 until 2013. The show is an American remake of the UK office and over it’s 9 season run it proved to be even bigger, better and funnier than the original. The mocumentary style the show is shot in follows an average American office over the course of a decade. From Dwight’s failed fire evacuation plan being one of the most chaoticaly hilarious scenes to Michael and Jan’s cringy dinner party. The office is at its best with Jim’s pranks on Dwight to Jim and Pam’s office romance. Michael Scott runs the best paper selling office in Scranton despite his what seems to be endless stupidity. The Office is even better on rewatch with more background jokes and hidden Easter eggs to be found.

9 Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation follows Leslie Knope and her team who work in the Pawnee parks department. Similar to the office in its mocumentary style. Leslie in the tenacious and unstoppable force that keeps this weird and wonderful group of people together. The show follows the group through fighting politicians and backward thinking in the over the top insane Pawnee residents. The characters are so loveable but not you Tom Haverford and are great to watch. Chris Pratt honestly steals the show whenever he’s on the screen whether he’s singing with mouse rat or being an FBI agent Bert Macklin or Johnny Karate on his kids show. Endlessly rewatchable, unbelievably funny and heart felt Parks and Rec always has me coming back for more

8 Family Guy

Cut away gags, politically incorrect and always over the top and outrageous. Family guy is great in it’s use if cartoon characters to get away with preposterous and unbelievable content. Seth MacFarlane is amazing here from creating the show to voicing most of the characters and his voice and comedic style is on display in every episode. The first 6 or 7 seasons are the best, the ideas seemed so fresh and original which has slightly tapered off in later seasons but they still pack a punch. From Peter fighting the chicken, the Stewie and Brian stand alone adventure episodes, to Peter making his own country, taking on Censorship on television to their amazing recreations of the original Star Wars trilogy with Family guy’s characters on the roles.

7 Brooklyn Nine Nine


Brooklyn Nine Nine is such a hilarious take on the procedural cop show. It follows Andy Sambergs Detective Jake Peralta and the 99th precinct. The cast of characters is unbelievably funny and the cold opens on the show are always so brilliant and often the best and funniest clips from the show. Going undercover, on the run, solving cases, the pontiac bandit the office fun, Brooklyn nine nine is one of the greatest comedy shows ever and one of the best still on air.

6 The Simpsons

For over 30 years we’ve all been watching the Simpsons. What’s left to say about the show that hasn’t already been said. From iconic episodes such as Mr. Plow, The Monorail, who shot Mr. Burns. The Simpsons TreeHouse of Horror episodes are always fun. The writing is so clever and hilarious particularly in the first 8 seasons. The characters are instantly recognisable from the Simpsons family to the townspeople of Springfield. Hank Scorpio still to this day remains one of the greatest one off characters of all time as Homer’s Bond villain esque villain. The Simpsons the Simpsons is both the longest running Prime time comedy show as well as the longest running animated show in television history.

5 Ray Donovan

Ray Donovan is an excellent Showtime series that follows the titular character as he fights, drinks and fixes problems for the Hollywood elite while trying to manage and cope with his family issues. From their violent past in Boston to his father being released from prison and try reconnect with his family. RAY Donovan is as slick, cool and excellently produced show. Season 7 is just airing now and it does now appear to be slowing down. Definitely one to watch!

4 X Files

The truth is out there

Aliens, conspiracies, government cover ups, monsters, comedy, heart, fun, scares and the most recognisable theme song of all time. The X Files is a classic with unbelievable monster of the week episodes and overarching stories. Sure some of the later seasons I’m looking at you season 9 are not the best but the X files is a 90’s classic that’s so enjoyable to watch.

I want to believe

3 Californication

From 2007 until 2014 the world was gifted the man known as Hank Moody. Hank drinks, fucks and fights his way around LA and he occasionally writes. Hank’s always chasing his one and only his Karen and daughter Becca.

Californication is the best drama / Comedy ever put to television. The comedic highs to the dramatic lows this show can have you splitting your sides one minute and tugging on your heart strings moments later. The show has lots of sex, drugs and Hanks devil may care attitude is very fun to watch, it offers wish fulfilment for how you want to live your life. At the heart of Californication is a love story between Hank and Karen who can’t seem to escape each other and are destined to be together. At its core it’s a story of love’s triumph over all the shit the world throws at you. Definitely needs to be watched “mothafuckaaaa

2 Breaking Bad

The epic story of Walter White and how he broke bad to become meth kingpin Heisenberg. Walt goes from high school chemistry teacher to the largest meth distributor in America. Breaking bad follows Walt on his journey to becoming a crystal meth kingpin with former chemistry student Jessie Pinkman. From keeping his secret from his wife, family and DEA brother in law who’s hot on Heisenberg’s trail. Breaking bad is perhaps the greatest character study on the limits a man will go to when he sees no other option. Walt transforms from mild mannered and generally unsuccessful in his professional life to a dangerous and destructive meth Kingpin. One of the greatest shows ever to binge watch as the episodes roll into each other and you can’t get enough.

I’m just thankful the spin off film and television series lived up to the perfection that was breaking bad.

Honourable Mentions

Game of Thrones


Lethal Weapon

Arrested Development

True Detective

1 The Sopranos

The greatest show ever! Simple as

The Sopranos follows Tony Soprano, Mob boss of a New Jersey crime family. The show chronicles Tony’s family life with his wife, 2 children to his gangster father and just as dangerous mother. Tony’s uncle Junior is also involved in organised crime which leads to them clashing at times. Tony’s in therapy from episode 1 scene 1 and he’s trying to find balance, meaning and strategies to deal with his family and crime family.

The Sopranos is an epic modern day classic. The show is the finest show with the ultimate character development. The shocking choices, murders and acts done by these characters that we root for and at times want to see succeed. We’re often so fond of these characters and enjoy seeing them on screen yet we see them commit the most heinous and violent acts that at times have comedic moments to them. The writing, acting, direction and care put into this show puts it on the level of the godfather and Goodfellas of the world. Each episode could be watched in isolation and tell a story. With the iconic intro to the show to the situations and realness that jumps out of the screen it has to be watched by all.

James Gandolfini gives the performance of a lifetime. He is Tony Soprano pure and simple. He feels so real, so relatable and empathetic which places us in a slight predicament when he has to make choices to ruin people’s lives or even end them, from friends to relatives Tony has proven to be ruthless when needed to be.

With a prequel film set for release in 2020 I am very excited to see more Sopranos. That being said I’m cautiously optimistic for it because the show is perfection

Ray Donovan season 7 episode 2

Episode 2 picks up after the explosive ending of the premiere episode. Ray’s talking with his therapist about his mother when she was dying of cancer and how he and his siblings buy mostly him took care of her. This is a shocking story and shows how Ray had to grow up and start to care for people and take charge at the age of 10. Ray’s mother calls him to her room and she’s in pain and suffering, she asks him to get into the bed with her and shortly after she “pissed herself” Ray goes downstairs and sees Mickey for the first time in over a month and he’s taking money from the cookie jar with her life’s savings.

This story while shocking and horrible it’s not surprising to hear what Mickey did, he’s got a history of being an asshole.

Ray picks up Mickey’s belongings from the prison and no body has been found in the bus crash explosion. Already there’s no proof mickey’s dead so okay mickey’s alive now when is he going to show up. But no, Darryl and Bunchy are picking out an urn and eternal flame to remember Mick. Ray’s losing it a bit in this episode. He’s not fully in control like he usually tries to be.

Daryl and Bunchy trying to figure out how to Bury mick with no body found after the crash

Ray’s got to continue to get ahead of the police investigation going on, he’s working on an alibi for the night of the murders. He’s giving money to Sean’s widow to help with the cover up, he’s beating stalkers to a pulp on the street and getting more and more drunk as the day continues. Ray’s struggling to cope with Mickey’s death to say the least. He’s not the only Donovan struggling with it either because Bunchy stops an armed robbery where he works by approaching one of the three armed robbers, disarms him, shoots one guy and gets the other two to surrender. I always enjoy watching Bunchy kicking ass, it’s a nice change of pace to be honest. Poor Bunchy’s always getting a bad go of it.

As always this show is brilliant with setting up storylines, choices made, clues and ramifications of what may happen down the line in this season.

This episode mainly focuses on Ray and how he’s dealing with the dramatic and sudden change to his life. Mickey’s finally dead. Ray wants to not give a shit but its taking its toll on him. Maybe without Mick there to hate Ray doesn’t know what to do with himself. Maybe he just misses his dad or that his last words to him were “fuck you”.

The episode comes to a close in Ray’s apartment where the family is meeting to share stories about Mickey. Well most of the family is there but no sign of Connor, no call to tell him about Mick no reference to him at all it’s so strange that Bridget is such a well rounded and continuously developed character and Connor is an after thought on the show it seems.

Ray stumbles his way out of the elevator and sees everyone telling stories about the dearly departed Mickey Donovan and quickly pours himself another drink. Ray retells the story from the first scene and tells some jokes about Mick that Bunch, Terry and Daryl laugh at with him and it’s funny and a little heart breaking but overall a good way to remember the flawed Mickey. Ray just about holds his tears back as he raises a glass to toast Mick when he’s interrupted by a knock on the door.

Okay, who’s at the door

I swear if Mickey’s at this fucking door

“Hey Ray Ray”

What the fuck, how did he survive that explosion how’s he here what the hell. I mean okay no body found yeah mickey’s going to be alive but it’s still a great turn to have Mick crash his own memorial party, the day after his so called death

Ray doesn’t speak

He looks at Mick for a few seconds, then boom he just punches him square in the face

Cut to black

Episode 2 over, I have to wait a week now to see what happened and what it means that Mickey’s alive and the world thinks he’s dead. I need answers and I can’t wait til next weeks episode.

Roll on episode 3

The Nice Guys (2016) Review

Director: Shane Black

Starring: Russell Crowe, Ryan Gosling, Angourie Rice, Matt Bomer, Keith David, Margaret Qualley & Kim Basinger

The Plot

The nice guys is a noir style Detective action/comedy film from 2016. The film is set in 1970’s Los Angeles. The film follows the unlikely pair of Holland March (Gosling) and Jackson Healy (Crowe) as they take on a case of a missing girl. As the private eyes uncover conspiracies, crash parties, investigate the porn industry in the search of Amelia. The pair are assisted by March’s 13 year old daughter on their first case together.

My Thoughts *Spoilers *

I just watched this film again recently and it’s as brilliant as I remember it being. The Nice guys is jam packed full of funny moments and puts Crowe and Gosling in hilarious situations throughout the film. The film is an excellent Detective film wrapped in a perfect action/comedy film. It’s such a joy to watch this film, there’s hardly a space to finish laughing from one joke until the next funny moment. There’s at least a dozen times watching this film I’ve got a pain in my stomach from laughing so hard. The characters are so well developed and the comedy comes at you from the first time we see them.

The Cast

Russell Crowe shines as Jackson Healy

Russell Crowe is brilliant as Jackson Healy. Right from the get go big burly Russell Crowe shows up on the screen and he’s great. He’s beating people up for money, he’s a tough guy for hire and he’s just so sluggish and beaten down by life but he still wants to do something great, maybe get his PI licence and do something good, something that actually matters and makes a difference. Enter Holland March

Ryan Gosling steals the film as loveable loser
Holland March

Ryan Gosling is Holland March. A Private Eye who will never be happy or so he writes in his drunken state. We see Holland wake up in the tub with his suit on and he and his daughter get mixed up with and befriend Healy. March is the best kind of fuck up, he makes a mess of everything but it always ends up helping the overall plan and solving the case somehow. March is so sincere in everything he says and does and if only he knew how goddamn ridiculous he was being. Goddamn its fun to watch March stumble his way deeper into the investigation they get involved in. When March punches his fist through the glass in the back door of a bar and hits a main artery and nearly dies in an ambulance I mean what the fuck it’s the funniest scene and always kills me whenever I see it no matter how many times I’ve seen it.

Angourie Rice is Holly March

Angourie Rice! I mean this girl can act. She’s fantastic in this film, she’s great with Crowe and Gosling in all their scenes. She better be in more movies in the future because this girl is so goddamn funny. She’s also the best investigator of the trio on display in this movie. She’s smart, she’s witty, she’s cool and she’s tracking down the missing Amelia better than Healy and her dad. I want to see her in a Tarantino movie or something, she’s the bombdigadydoo.

More of my thoughts

This movie is so underrated. The nice guys is a modern classic or the action/comedy genre. The nice guys has so many unbelievably side splittingly funny scenes. The pairing of Crowe and Gosling is incredible. I’ve mostly seen these two in dramas and thrillers and the way they transitioned to comedy is outrageous. They have no right being as hilarious and perfect a duo as they are in this film.

The party crashing scene is one of my favourites. From Gosling getting drunk and searching for Amelia to Crowe doing his best to do his job and get Holly out of the porn party they’re attending. Gosling is swimming through a pool trying to interview mermaids and he’s flying off balconies pretending to be a cowboy and discovering and hastily disposing of dead bodies onto a party next door. Oh fuck this film is great.

Watch it, watch it watch it

Make the sequel!

We need it

We want it

We deserve it

Oh my god there needs to be more of theae characters on other cases and following them through the chaos of it all.

What a pair

Holland March : Look on the bright side. Nobody got hurt.

Jackson Healy : People got hurt.

Holland March : I’m saying, I think they died quickly. So I don’t think they got hurt.

The forgotten Icon of Rock n Roll – Warren Zevon

Warren Zevon

Warren William Zevon was born on January 24th 1947 in Chicago, Illinois, United States. This will be my honest and yeah probably hyperbolic feelings and thoughts on who I believe to be the greatest singer / songwriter that nobody really knows of. Zevon has some of the coolest, funkiest, darkest, funny and heartbreaking songs I’ve ever heard. Warren zevon to me is the epitome of cool he is the absolute defenition of a lyrical genius. Warren Zevon can tell a story of werewolves he can chronicle the ballad of Frank and Jesse James, take us into the tale of Roland the headless Thompson gunner he can pull on our heart strings with keep me in your heart and his rendition of Bob Dylan’s Knockin on heavens door. Warren Zevon is one of those talented artists that people in the music industry loved and appreciated but honestly I’ve never met a person who was a fan of him or who even knew who he was, which was a shock to me to be honest because he really is a story teller and his songs feel raw, gritty and have a certain bad ass undertone to them.

“We buy books because we believe we’re buying the time to read them”

Warren Zevon

Before I get going here I’m going to make a little list of my favourite of his songs. If I can get at least 1 person to at least give his music a chance I believe that you’ll be hooked on his style. There’s complete concerts on YouTube and all of his songs are on YouTube and Spotify. I’ve often driven for hours just listening to his songs. I love their originality and feeling of loss, pain, passion and excitement in his lyrics and voice. Warren tells a story and paints a picture with every one of his songs.

My top 20 – WARREN ZEVON

  1. Werewolves of London
  2. Desperados under the Eaves
  3. Mohammad’s radio
  4. Carmelita
  5. Roland the headless Thompson Gunner
  6. Lawyers, Guns & Money
  7. Johnny Strikes up the band
  8. Keep me in your heart
  9. Night time in the switching yard
  10. Exciteable Boy
  11. Please stay
  12. Knockin on heavens door
  13. My shits fucked up
  14. Frank and Jesse James
  15. I’ll sleep when I’m dead
  16. Accidentally like a martyr
  17. The Envoy
  18. Poor poor pitiful me
  19. Play it all night long
  20. Bo Diddily’s a gunslinger

My own personal favourite song of Zevon’s has got to be Werewolves of London. It kicks right off its short, sweet it’s to the point. It is insane its energetic and it’s one of the catchiest songs ever created. Right off the bat “I saw a werewolf with a Chinese menu in his hand“. That’s how you start a song and get someone interested right away. Werewolves of London is such a catchy song and the lyrics are so visceral and jump out of the radio when you play it.

The alliteration of the line “little old lady got mutilated late last night” it sticks in my head it’s wild and it’s classic Warren Zevon at his finest. This whole song captures his wild nature and the guitar, piano and the drums and beat of the song are endlessly replayable.

“except in dreams you’re never really free”

Desperados under the Eaves

I don’t understand how people have not been replaying some of these songs. The fact that they never really broke out and became as popular as Bob Dylan, Neil Young or Johnny Cash. To me Warren Zevon is a mix of the writing of Charles Bukowski and the lyrical sensibilities and genius of Bob Dylan. Take one of his earlier songs Johnny Strikes up the band he grabs up with the guitar instantly, “dry your eyes my little friend, let me take you by the hand, freddy gettin ready, rocksteady, when Johnny Strikes up the band” Zevon has our attention, he’s about to paint us a story with his lyrics and we’ll soon know. “Johhny is my main man, he’s the keeper of the keys, he’ll put your mind at ease he’s guaranteed to please, back by popular demand“. The guitar and the drums mixed with the lyrics and energy that only Warren Zevon could bring to a song is a deadly combination.

Johnny Strikes up the band, live from the Capitol theatre in 1982

The David Letterman connection

Warren Zevon on Letterman for the final time on October 30th 2002

Warren Zevon appeared on David Letterman’s late night show over a dozen times over his career. Warren often joked that Letterman has been his biggest fan. The pairing of these two makes perfect sense to me. Letterman was always self deprecating and a bit if an angry bastard in the best possible way. Warren Zevon had troubles of his own namely alcohol abuse and his music had that dark and often times darkly comedic. Warren was very funny in person and as monotone as Letterman. Truly a match made in heaven. The two bounced well off of each other and Zevon often would fill in as a musical guest for the night and play some of his best and Letterman’s favourite songs even if they performed well in the charts or not. Letterman was a big fan of the music and gave us some of the best interviews and content of Warren on record.

The banter between Warren and Letterman is genuine gold. Maybe it’s just me but I love seeing two hilarious and grumpy bastards talking life, music, stories and sandwiches.

Zevon had an electrifying energy on the stage

Warren Zevon was a one of a kind artist that doesn’t come along very often. Zevon performed with the likes of Neil Young, Jackson Brown and Stevie Nicks. Warren enjoyed success during his life and is respected and praised by a select but loyal group of die hard fans of his.

Warren Zevon performs with Neil Young

Warren Zevon died of Mesothelioma on September 7th 2003 in Los Angeles, California. He was 56 years old. In his typical attitude and style he worked hard, finished his final album the wind, he enjoyed every sandwich with Letterman and was ready to sleep when he’s dead. Warren Zevon to me is one of the greatest musicians of all time. His songs have fun, energy and often sadness that transcends time and his music is as relevant today as it was when he first released them.

Warren Zevon – The wind 2003

Warren’s most emotional, powerful, poignant and heartbreaking song. This was a song from Warren’s final album the wind recorded just months before he passed away. Keep me in your heart –

Warren Zevon was the rarest of all things. A free man who spoke honestly, he kicked and screamed on stage, he was funny, sad, happy and a bad son of a bitch who knew how to entertain. Whether his shit was fucked up or if we were feeling sorry for poor poor pitiful Warren to when he was Knockin on heavens door near the end. The work done by Zevon is transendent of time and space, his words are visceral and cut deep into your heart and stick with you. Warren Zevon rocked on until the bitter end, isn’t that all any of us can really hope for……

To me, the message of my songs, of all songs, is “enjoy life.” My message as a person who evidently doens’t have much more planned is the same. It’s the only message I ever thought art had any business having.

– Warren Zevon

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